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Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakra Balancing Yin Yoga with Essential Oils (CANTON)

  • Yoga Strong Studio (CANTON) 5896 Fulton Drive Northwest Canton, OH, 44718 United States (map)

Amanda Kulick's 5 separate Chakra balancing Yin Yoga classes with essential oils will work you through a 75 minute sequence of long, deep holds in poses focusing each week on Chakra energy centers starting from the base of the spine, up to the crown of the head - culminating in a all 7 Chakra Yin Yoga Flow at the of June, just in time for the Total Solar Eclipse.

This Yin Yoga practice will present us an opportunity to more effectively target specific areas in both our physical and energetic bodies: the Chakras. Chakras are dynamic points of energy, aligned along the spine, that have a direct influence on our life, as they affect our behavior, feelings and emotions. When we practice Yin Yoga we’re not only opening up to the benefits in our joint and connective tissue health– we’re also tapping into our energetic body.

Poses will be held for 3 – 5 minutes giving the physical body time to unwind and allow a shift in the energetic body. We will have the opportunity to draw our attention to release energetic blockages allowing us to be more open, grounded and balanced.

Each class will utilize essential oils specific to each Chakra. You have the ability to decide to attend one or two classes, or all of them!

Week 4: Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

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